Buccal Fat Removal Valparaiso, IN

Do you feel like you have prominent cheeks that are devoid of shape or definition? Are you bothered by a round face that appears chubby or ‘fat’ regardless of your weight? Buccal fat removal is a surgical soft tissue procedure that eliminates the fat beneath the cheeks, slimming and contouring the face. The result is a thinner, chiseled face and the appearance of higher cheek bones – all with no visible scarring.

Are You a Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

You might be a candidate for buccal fat removal if you desire greater definition in your cheeks or wish to reduce the prominence of your cheeks. Whether you were born with genetically prominent cheeks or noticed unwelcome changes in your appearance after a jaw or chin reduction surgery, removing the buccal fat pad could give you the results you are looking for. Patients who undergo this procedure often enjoy greater self-confidence, better cheek definition, and an enhanced overall appearance.

Only your surgeon can help you determine if buccal fat removal is for you. Dr. Bose will meet with you in person to discuss your goals for treatment and your reasons for undergoing this procedure. Your consultation will include a review of your medical history, a visual exam of the treatment area, and communication about whether surgical results might be improved when combined with another procedure, such as a mini-facelift.

Ideally, buccal fat removal patients are healthy, physically fit adults who do not smoke and who have realistic goals about the outcome of their surgery. Though buccal fat removal can be performed on someone as young as 18 years of age, it is important to note that the face naturally thins with age – usually beginning in the late 20s and early 30s. Having the buccal fat removed before this time will not prevent fat loss in the future. If you are a young adult, be sure to talk with Dr. Bose about how these changes could affect the results of your buccal fat removal procedure.

What to Expect

If you decide to move forward with buccal fat removal, your procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis. Small incisions are made on the inside of your mouth between the cheeks and gums, assuring your face is not marked by scarring after the procedure. Dr. Bose will gently apply pressure to the cheek muscle, forcing the buccal fat pad through the incision. The fat will be pulled out and removed, and then the incisions will be sutured shut.

You will be able to return home the same day as your procedure. Since buccal fat removal is a soft tissue procedure, your discomfort should be minimal. However, it is important that you follow all of Dr. Bose’s directions for post-surgical care to ensure proper healing. This may include the use of a special diet and an antibiotic mouthrinse to keep the surgical site clean and free of infection.

You may not notice the results of your buccal fat pad removal immediately due to swelling after the procedure. It is normal for this swelling and bruising to persist for 2 or 3 weeks, although you should be able to return to work within just 7 to 10 days. Since the intraoral tissues heal quickly – much faster than the skin – your surgical site should be fully healed within just a few weeks.

If you live in the Northwest Indiana or Chicagoland area and are displeased with the appearance of your cheeks, it may be time to talk to Dr. Bose and the team here at Bose Plastic Surgery about buccal fat removal. Contact our office for more information about this procedure and to schedule your consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.