Chin Augmentation Valparaiso, IN

When you look at your face, what do you see? The first things most people notice are the eyes, followed by the lips, nose, and maybe even the cheekbones; but what about your chin? While emphasis on one’s appearance is often focused on just one or two features, some of the less dominant features – like the chin – play a much bigger role in a person’s overall appearance than they are often credited for. This is because the chin is responsible for creating balance and symmetry within the face. Altering just one aspect of the chin can impact the overall look of a person’s face.

The nose is a great example of features affected by the appearance of the chin. A small, weak, or shapeless chin can cause an otherwise attractive nose to appear more prominent, almost as though it sticks out from or “takes over” the face. Whereas a person may visit Dr. Bose asking for a rhinoplasty, the real solution may be found in augmenting the chin instead.

You might be a candidate for chin augmentation or contouring if you:

  • Desire greater facial balance and/or symmetry
  • Are bothered by a weak or receding chin
  • Wish to strengthen or soften your jaw line and facial profile
  • Have experienced trauma that resulted in unwanted changes to your chin or jaw line

Types of Chin Augmentation

There are several ways that Dr. Bose can change the size or shape of the chin, each of which offers different benefits and outcomes. Only an in-person consultation at Bose Plastic Surgery can determine which technique might be right for you. Examples of chin augmentation techniques include:

Facial Fat and Bone Grafting

This type of augmentation is performed using the patient’s own fat or bone tissues. The fat and bone are harvested from another area of the body and used to enhance and shape the chin. Since biological tissues are being used, patients do not have to worry about any type of allergic reaction or tissue rejection. However, some fat cells may not survive the transfer process, so the final results may take several weeks to appear.

Chin Implants

Chin implants are designed and fabricated to mimic the feel of natural chin tissues as closely as possible. There are different types of chin implants, some of which are made from synthetic materials like silicone, Teflon™ and Dacron. Since the chin is located in a visually prominent position, Dr. Bose can make small incisions on the inside of the mouth or in the crease line on the underside of the chin. The implant is placed between the bone and the muscle, and the incision is sutured shut. The position of the incision allows for discretion and helps hide any scarring after the procedure.

Contouring and Reduction

In some cases, the chin is too prominent in some areas and may need to be reshaped or contoured. In this type of procedure, Dr. Bose focuses on creating proportion and symmetry so as to balance out the facial features. Contouring may include reshaping the existing bone and may or may not include the use of biological or synthetic chin augmentation.

What to Expect

Chin surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Most procedures take no more than one to two hours, although extensive reshaping or augmentations performed alongside other procedures like a rhinoplasty may take longer. It is normal to experience some swelling, tenderness, and soreness in the days immediately following a chin surgery. Dr. Bose may apply a dressing to the surgical site, but it is typically removed within a couple of days. Due to the nature of the procedure, patients are typically restricted from chewing for the first few days. Most of the swelling should subside within a few weeks, although most people can return to work and resume normal activity within about 10 days.

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