Rhinoplasty Valparaiso, IN

Your facial features are part of what make you unique. It is the intricacies and details within those features that assure no two human faces are exactly the same. One of the most prominent features – the nose – is responsible for bringing proportion and symmetry to the face. When it is out of balance, however, the nose can become a source of frustration or embarrassment. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reshape and refine the bone and cartilage of the nose in a way that compliments the patient’s natural beauty.

Reasons to Get a Nose Job

Here at Bose Plastic Surgery, we are often asked by patients to provide an opinion on which types of reasons might validate a nose job. Though every patient is different and every person is handled on a case by case basis, we might recommend rhinoplasty to someone who:

  • Has blocked or obstructed nasal passages that cause difficulty breathing
  • Has suffered an injury that resulted in nasal asymmetry
  • Is bothered by the size or shape of the nose
  • Has a noticeable bump in the nasal bridge
  • Has a crooked nose
  • Has a large or protruding nasal tip
  • Feels their nose is too wide for their face
  • Is unhappy with the results of a previous rhinoplasty

Valparaiso Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Instead, it is highly individualized according to each patient’s needs. With different types of nose job techniques, it is up to your surgeon to determine which one is right for you. For example, a closed rhinoplasty – where the incisions are made discreetly on the inside of the nose – may be preferable if you are only undergoing minor to moderate revisions. An open rhinoplasty – where the incision is made beneath the tip of the nose – may be more appropriate for major reshaping procedures that require greater access to the nasal structures.

What to Expect

You will be safely sedated for your rhinoplasty. Dr. Bose will make an incision and begin reshaping the cartilage and bone around the nose. Your incision will be stitched shut, and your nose will be placed in a splint to protect and retain its new shape and appearance. Once you awaken, you can expect to remain under medical observation for at least a few hours.

In many cases, rhinoplasty patients are allowed to go home the same day as the procedure. Keep in mind that you may have some soreness and swelling, as well as some bruising. You may also notice black eyes in the days following the procedure. Most discomfort and visible swelling will subside within two to three weeks, and it may be alleviated with cold compresses and pain medication.

Be sure to follow all of the instructions Dr. Bose provides you with after your procedure, and return for your follow-up visits to have your splint removed. You may be released to return to work within 10 days of your procedure, though many people wait to return until after the majority of swelling has subsided.

Your nose will continue to improve and look better with time. In fact, you may notice gradual improvements for up to a year after a rhinoplasty procedure.

Are You a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a very complex cosmetic procedure and may not be right for everyone. Your eligibility for a nose job is something that should be discussed between you and Dr. Bose. You will need a one-on-one consultation to review your medical history and assess your goals for treatment. Though cosmetic surgery should not be used to make you look like someone else, it can be used to enhance and refine your natural features and provide you with greater confidence in your appearance.

Remember, your nose is not just a part of who you are – it’s on display, front and center. If you are ready to finally have the nose you always wanted, look no further than Bose Plastic Surgery for your Valparaiso rhinoplasty. Dr. Bose and our staff will make you feel at-home in our office and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today. We look forward to serving you soon.